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New Build Intro– Single Level Home For Sale

Straightedge Construction has been very busy over the past year. One of proudest projects is underway right now. We have broken ground in Missoula, Montana, and began building up a beautiful single level home that will be going on the market.

spec home (1 of 11).jpg

We wasted no time. As the ground broke and the foundation was laid out, we were already looking ahead to building the base.

spec home (7 of 11).jpg

Every once in awhile, even we must take a break to take in the beautiful view that this lot offers. I wouldn't say that we dislike any of our job sites– this one just has a certain essence to it.

spec home (3 of 11).jpg

With the careful eye of our general contractor, Jim Schafer, you can be assured that everything will come together perfectly. Attention to detail is everything.

spec home (5 of 11).jpg

With winter creeping up on us, we knew that time was of the essence.

spec home (10 of 11).jpg

We also knew that if we were going to be working on this into the beginning of winter– a roof over our heads would be preferred. The framing of the walls went up quickly, and the roof trusses fit like a glove.

spec home (11 of 11).jpg

After the skeleton was perfectly in place, we turned our attention to the roof.

spec home (8 of 11).jpg

The multi-angle design may prove to be more time consuming during the construction process, but the end result is worth every extra second. With the roof broken up into multiple sections, the house will gain a unique look that is further complimented by the sporadic faces of Lolo Peak towering above it in the distance.

spec home (9 of 11).jpg

With the build process on track, our general contractor and the rest of the Straightedge Construction team are very excited to make this home available for Missoula residents looking for a phenomenal view.

We look forward to updating you with the transformation of this bare ground into your potential new dream home.


Straightedge Construction is Missoula, Montana's premiere construction team. Our expert general contractor, paired with our highly skilled team, assure that passion and perfection are brought into every project.

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