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Kitchen Remodel

For many, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. 

When entertaining, people tend to congregate around the kitchen.

Unfortunately many of the older homes are not suited for this kind of traffic. 

The Kitchen becomes a bottle-neck of people playing a game of bumper cars to get to the fridge! That’s where we come in.
Our in house design team can turn a nonfunctional room into the kitchen of your dreams.  Armed with the latest trends as well as time tested kitchen designs, we can help make that dream a reality.

Straightedge Kitchen Remodel
Full kitchen remodel
Upgraded range
Straightedge Construction granite
Straightedge stainless steel
Kitchen remodel mini fridge
Straightedge super drawer
Straightedge Kitchen lighting
Straightedge kitchen convection oven
Straightedge new stove
Straightedge Kitchen backsplash
Straightedge pot filler faucet
Straightedge stainless accents
Straightedge overhead lighting
Straightedge industrial lighting
Kitchen remodel countertop
Professional grade kitchen appliance
Stevensville kitchen remodel
Stevensville kitchen view
Stevensville kitchen remodel cabinet
Stevensville kitchen remodel stove
Stevensville kitchen remodel fridge
Stevensville kitchen remodel tiles
Stevensville kitchen remodel 7
Stevensville kitchen tiled back
Stevensville kitchen remodel lights
Stevensville remodel kitchen floor
Stevensville remodel backsplash
Stevensville kitchen wood tile floor
Stevensville kitchen remodel view
Stevensville kitchen overhead lights

Straightedge Construction is the leader for kitchen remodel Missoula. They are the company to call to have your house turned in to a home. 

New home kitchen construction
Missoula kitchen construction
Missoula kitchen appliances
Kitchen construction counte
Spec home kitchen
New tiled backsplash
View of tile backsplash
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