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New Home Construction & Additions

When it comes time to consider a general contractor for help shaping your idea of the perfect home, talk to us about our vision and experience to help your dreams come to reality. Use Straightedge for your new home construction in Missoula, MT. Explore our site, see our work, and give us a call to discuss taking your ideas to the next level. 


Sometimes your house just doesn’t have enough space for what you need. 

This is where an addition would be practical. 
Integrating old to new may seem like it is just impossible. 
However with some quality craftsmanship, we can blend an addition to an existing home seamlessly.

Stevensville Home Oct 2016-21
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-27
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-60
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-30
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-41
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-33
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-22
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-37
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-38
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-40
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-53
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-34
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-28
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-31
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-43
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-46
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-56
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-47
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-49
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-42
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-2
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-13
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-48
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-50
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-17
Stevensville Home Oct 2016-19
Straightedge Custom Home
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Custom Home in Missoula
Custom Home interior
Custom home kitchen
Straightedge custom home shower
Custom home pantry
Custom home french door
Custom home lighting
Custom home tiled bath
Custom home vanity
Custom home amenities
Custom home shower
Custom home tiled shower
Custom home restroom
Custom home bathroom lighting
Custom home tiled surround
Straightedge new home bathroom
Straightedge new home sink
Straightedge new home view
Straightedge new home neighborhood
Straightedge new home entry
Straightedge new home fan
Straightedge new home dining room
Straightedge new home lighting
Straightedge new home bedroom
Straightedge built bedroom
Straightedge new home other bedroom
Straightedge new home bath
Straightedge new home
new home bathroom
Custom bathroom by Straightedge
Straightedge custom home latrine
Straightedge custom home master bed
Straightedge custom home bedroom
Straightedge custom home closet
Straightedge custom home storage
Straightedge custom home walk-in
Straightedge custom home garage
Straightedge custom home shop
Straightedge custom home mudroom
Straightedge home laundry room
Straightedge custom home fireplace
Straightedge custom home brom closet
custom home walk in closet
Straightedge custom home countertop
Straightedge custom home lighting
Straightedge custom home oven
Straightedge custom home range
Straightedge custom home sink
Straightedge custom home bathroom
Straightedge home walk-in closet
New room addition
New home for sale in Missoula.
Home Building by Straightedge
spec home being built
Straightedge Construction New Home
Straightedge Construction New Home
Straightedge custom home blueprints
Home construction by Straightedge
New home addition in Missoula.
Sun patio in Missoula
Window framing in Missoula.
Home addition in Missoula.
Hard wood framing in Missoula.
Milled wooden stairs in Missoula.
Pet door built in Missoula
Interior of home addition, Missoula
Clip in windows on Missoula home
Window installation in Missoula.
Screened window in Missoula
Pet door entrance in Missoula.
Pine wood interior in Missoula.
Wood ceiling in Missoula
Interior ceiling fan in Missoula.
Patio seating in Missoula.
Rocking chair on patio in Missoula.
Dining table on patio in Missoula.
Doggy door in Missoula
Covered patio in Missoula
Sun room addition in Missoula
Exterior home addition in Missoula
Missoula home entrance from patio
Entry door on Missoula home
Sun patio home addition in Missoula
Concrete patio in Missoula
Home addition being constructed
Covered patio in Missoula
Home addition framing in Missoula
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