Lolo Handicap Accessible Project: Overview

One of our newest projects has taken us to Lolo to remodel a home. The main focus of this remodel is to transform the home into a more handicap accessible living space.

The work began outside with a new walkway that morphs into a ramp to the backyard patio.

The next transformation takes place at the large sliding door that leads inside.

We will be replacing the sliding door with a very large swinging door. The extra room provided is a must when making the home easily accessible.

We will then be turning our attention to the bathroom.

This area will be completely revamped. The toilet will be relocated and the tub will be replaced with a flush shower that will allow a wheelchair to enter with ease.

Even though two-sinks can be a nice touch to any bathroom, it is not a necessity here.

We will be eliminating the sink of the left to accomodate the toilet relocation.

Extensive modification of this wall will allow us to install a hide-away sliding door.

The final touch will come with new carpet in the home.

The entertainment never ceases at this home!

Stay tuned as we transform this house into a fully accessible home.

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