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Bitterroot Home Remodel Adds a Hint of Nostalgia

old farm door in a straightedge built remodeled home

When reworking a home to your liking, the possibilites are truly endless. The goto seems to be updating appliances and making the spaces in your home more practicle and liveable. However, added small touches of nostalgia can go a long way to adding a unique character to your home. This is Montana afterall, there is a lot of country flair and history in our fine state.

bedroom remodel in Missoula done by Straightedge Construction

The red door has also been reclaimed and truly compliments the colors in this room. It gives it a nice breakup. This bedroom remodel was quite the undertaking. What you see above actually began as two bedrooms. Once we got in there, we didn't waste any time knocking out the dividing wall to create one master bedroom.

reclaimed red door used on a new closet addition

The closet and half-wall with the red door is also an addition that we felt was necessary. You can never have too much storage.

French patio door added to a master bedroom remodel by Straightedge Construction

We also added in a French door with built in blinds that leads to a patio area. Having a secluded outdoor living area connected to a master bedroom can really expand your own personal area.

Handmade wooden farm door by Straightedge Construction

We understand that it's not always the easiest to source the proper type of door for the job, which is why we built this door and slider from scratch. Modern technology and finish, but it still compliments the vintage doors in the room.

Remodeled bathroom done by Straightedge Construction in Missoula

This is where the modern comforts part of remodeling a room comes into play. This bathroom remodel is a complete makeover. The walls were pushed out to create a larger master bathroom. This allowed us more room to create something beautiful and functional.

tiled shower built by Straightedge construction

We built a full tile shower that will remain timeless.. and tubless. Small touches, such as the corner shelves and the sunken box in the wall makes storing toiletries easy, while not creating an eyesore.

Straightedge Construction granite countertops in a Missoula bathroom remodel

Dual sinks create harmony while getting ready for work in the morning. To give the sink area durability for years to come, we fitted a quartz countertop that can withstand pretty much whatever you can throw at it. (Don't actually throw anything at your countertop, please.)

Kitchen remodel performed by Straightedge Construction in Missoula

Perhaps even more important than having a functional master bedroom, is having a phenomenally functional kitchen. This kitchen was completely gutted before we could transform it into what you see here. Also, notice another use of a reclaimed wooden door.

kitchen remodel in a stevensville montana home

This kitchen has new flooring, cabinets, lighting, paint and a tile backsplash. Notice the different styling of backsplash behind the stove to break the room up slightly.

newly finished kitchen remodel done by Straightedge construction in Missoula

We didn't stop there either. Since we wanted to make sure that this kitchen remodel would have a fresh breath of life and ready to tackle any of the cooking marathons that will be thrown at it (think Thanksgiving), we used quartz countertops all around to withstand any abuse and make clean up easy. On top of that, we replaced all of the old appliances with new, modern appliances that can always be trusted.

entry remodel completed in missoula by Straightedge Construction

Since the kitchen is now ready to entertain people, we wanted to make sure that the guests felt welcome as soon as they stepped through the door– that is where the trim and tiling came in.

hardwood floating stairs done by Straightedge Contruction

Incase guests come in the basement door, we wanted to present the same grand entrance. We redid the stairs with hickory hardwood, leading to the newly hardwooded floors in the halways as well.

new hardwood floor in a Missoula home done by Straightedge Construction

Since guests make their way from the kitchen to the living room– often with food and drink in hand– it only made sense to lay down hardwood flooring in here as well. Not only did it add a warming, welcoming feeling to a room, but it is also easy to clean up after spills. No red wine stains on this flooring.

mountains outside of a kitchen window in Montana

This kitchen remodel, accompanied by a bedroom remodel and master bathroom remodel, truly transformed this home. While new home construction may be the easiest and most effective way to obtain your dream home– our Straightedge Construction general contractor can work with you to plan out the dreams that you have in mind.

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