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Missoula Home Addition – Expand Your Life

new home addition in missoula

Adding an addition to your home is a great way to fully utilize your current home. Maybe you don't have the means to move, or maybe you already love your existing property– but you need it to grow with you. Whatever the reason is, Straightedge Construction can make your thoughts become reality.

backyard of home in Missoula

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the back of this home– but at the same time, why not utilize the available space and already flat facade?

digging addition foundation in Missoula

Apparently, we were not the only ones to think so. We dug into the project (literally) and the new foundation sprouted up.

framing of new home addition in Missoula

As the walls began to take form, you could begin to imaginine what the space is going to transform into. Maybe a bigger bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even just an extra living room. Whatever you desire, we can build it.


We also don't let weather deter us too much. If walls can be insulated, then so can our work clothes.


The next time that you are ready to open the door to the next stage of your life, Straightedge Construction would be honored to help you achieve everything that you've desired in a home.

We don't stop at home additions; remodels are also in our bag of expertise. However, what we really enjoy is new home construction.

new addition on a home in missoula

Not only are we able to fully immerse ourselves into everything that we love– but we are able to take nothing and transform it into something beautiful– something unique. The icing on the cake is being able to hand the keys over to the new home owners. Their dreams becoming a reality and the first step to their new life lays just beyond the front door- or garage door depending where you fancy spending your time. Don't hesitate to contact our General Contractor for any inquires. He'd love to chat with you.

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