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New Home Construction In Missoula Completed

Building a home from scratch is such a rewarding feeling. Taking bare earth and turning it into a well-equipped living space for a family to grow in is something that is hard to beat. This Straightedge Construction new home construction has been recently completed up Miller Creek.

A lot of family time begins in the kitchen, which is why we find large work spaces and an open area to be optimal. We kept that idea flowing throughout the house with an open floor plan.

The kitchen has been fitted with stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops and hardwood flooring that flows throughout the house and meets up with carpet in the bedrooms.

Simplicity and functionality are what really makes this kitchen efficient.

While placement of the main appliances makes for easy cooking.

Recessed-can-lighting can be found throughout the house, but these drop down light above the kitchen island provide much needed light when prepping, or just socializing.

Quartz countertop is durable enough to handle your life, while remaining easy enough to clean.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a massive walk-in pantry to hold everything that doesn't belong in your cupboards. Plus, it is very easily accessible if you need to grab something before the water on the stove boils over.

Opposite of that is this slick little hide-away that fits brooms perfectly.

By having a socializing family aspect in mind, we were sure to keep the living room close. We also thought it would be a good idea to include a sliding door that leads out to a patio.

This large area can easily accomodate many different rearrangements– perfect for dinner parties as well.

What is a phenomenal kitchen without an accenting dining room area. This drop down, modern chandelier will light up the kitchen table perfectly.

While Montana's weather is typically mild compared to other locations– it does prove to heat up. A ceiling fan is a luxury that we could not overlook.

And when things begin to cool down, this electric fireplace will help to get them back up to optimal temperature.

For all of your outdoor activites, we made sure that there was a mud room to keep the dirt out of the rest of the house.

This room is situated just to the right of the front door, with the garage on the other side.

This garage is 730 square feet–which means that all of your toys should have no problem fitting.

Think of all of the room for activities.

This first bathroom you can let the kids take over– rest assured, you'll have your own.

Quality tiles and grout will help in the long-run when it comes to maintenance.

Not too big, not too small– and right next to the kids' bedrooms.

Just outside of the bathroom and directly between two of the bedrooms we stashed a closet that could be perfect for extra blankets or really anything that you feel deserves to be in a closet.

This room and the next are equal in size– coming in at 11 foot by 13 foot, with a recessed closet.

Not a horrible view in this room. Their will be a park sprouting up in the area as well, so the view won't be obstructed.

You may be thinking, "oh great, the kids are going to be fighting over who gets the room with the view." We thought about that and we came up with a great solution.

The solution was to give with room a great view of the peak also! Now we can move onto your master bedroom.

The main bedroom comes in at 14 foot by 15 foot, with many add-ons.

First, you have a patio area all to yourself– right outside of your room.

Next, you see those two other doorways?

One is a massive walk-in closet that has enough room for a small army.

The other is your master bathroom.

A double sink for your convenience.

An elegant walk-in shower.

Finalized with a bathtub for relaxation.

We made sure to make this area plenty spacious.

All that's left to do now is walk through the door.

• Zero-Clearance / No Step Home Design • 3 Bed / 2 Bathroom • Oversized Garage • 2 Patios • 9 Foot ceilingC • Open Floor Plan

• Hardwood Floor & Carpeted Bedrooms • Quartz Counter-Tops • Stainless Steel Appliances • Walk-In Pantry • Tiled Tub Surround – Floor to Ceiling • Walk-In Closet • Phenomenal Views

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