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New Home Construction – See What Could Be Yours

There is little more satisfying than starting with nothing, and creating something beautiful. Our new home construction project is how we are striving for that satisfaction. We are not doing it for ourselves; we are doing it for you. We want people to be able to find their dream house on the market. We want people to have an efficient house, with an even better view. We want people to truly find a place called home. With that in mind, we built a home on the premise of: One Home Fits All. This home will do justice to the young newlyweds, all the way up to ladies and gentlemen with special requirements– especially when it comes to mobility.

straightedge construction missoula montana new home construction floor plans

We have chosen the address of 6966 Alisha Drive in Missoula as our site. Not only does this location offer some serenity away from the city, it gifts us with magnificent views of Lolo Peak. The view will not be obstructed by other homes. There may be other new home construction projects in the area, but ours is on the outer most lot– with a soon-to-be park bordering the property.

6966 Alisha Drive in Missoula straightedge construction new home construction site

This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house sits on a solid foundation with a crawl space. The 1,830 square-feet have multiple touches not commonly implemented in other homes. This may not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind– but it does in fact make a large difference– this home is zero clearance. That means that there is not one step that will be necessary to take to enter or exit the house, or transition to rooms. Even the shower is zero clearance. To add to the accessibility side of the home, we implemented doorways that are 3-feet wide. This not only will make carrying in groceries easier, but it will also accommodate a wheelchair.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.37.26 AM.png

The layout is comprised of an open-floor plan with a 9-foot ceiling; gas forced air is equipped to regulate the atmosphere. The kitchen has been designed with a master chef in mind. Efficiency and space is key here. The built in island is prime for food preparation or holding hors d'oeuvres during dinner parties. While the pantry will help to keep everything sorted and organized.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.41.02 AM.png

The master bathroom will be equipped with 2-sinks to eliminate morning battles– you can put down your toothbrush sword. To compliment the master bathroom, comes an oversized master closet. We understand if you must battle it out to see who is the majority leader here– but we believe that it is large enough for both.

The laundry room is a walk-through design that can also double as a mudroom. You'll be suprised at the extra use a large utility sink can provide for those messier clean up jobs.

We now move onto the garage– the oversized 2-car garage. This features an 18-foot wide garage door, that stands 8-feet tall. This will make moving around all of your toys a breeze.

On the back of the garage, you will find a covered patio to aid in the entertainment factor of the home, or even make a serene area that you can sink into and relax– it is your home, it is your call.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.44.41 AM.png

This home will be available on the market soon. Please contact us with any inquiries or general contractor needs. We would be happy to hear from you!

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