Lolo Handicap Accessible Project: Completed Project

With the seasons changing, we have completed the transformation of this living space. Incase you missed our overview of this project, you can find the before photos here: Lolo Handicap Accessible Project: Overview

The added concrete walkway makes for easy movement from the driveway to the backyard patio.

The sliding door was replaced with a double-sectioned door that provides ample room for wheel-chairs

The living room was also brighten-up a little by replacing the carpet with wood flooring.

We redid the wall section (which was previously an arched opening) to accomodate a hide-away sliding door.

The bathroom area was opened up by eliminating the wall, as well as one of the sinks.

This shower pans sits just slightly below floor level to assure water flows down the drain and not onto the bathroom floor. The small lip makes transitioning into and out of the shower very simple.

This project portrays very well the steps that one can take to make a home much more handicap accessible without having to go overboard. For your handicap accessible needs, we are the general contractor for you.

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